Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch Sign

Neighborhood Watch is a community program in which citizens work together with the police department to detect and prevent criminal activity. The focus is on reporting suspicious people/vehicles and securing homes and personal property. In addition, officers from the police department provide basic crime prevention tips.

Neighborhood Watch remains the most successful crime prevention program worldwide. By encouraging the citizens of Great Falls to become actively involved with the Great Falls Police Department through practicing crime prevention techniques and reporting crime or suspicious activity, we are taking control back from the criminals. Through the dedicated commitment of the City of Great Falls, the Great Falls Police Department, and the concerned citizens of Great Falls, we have made a significant impact on reducing neighborhood crime. Our Great Falls citizens are crime-wise.

If you are interested in starting a Neighborhood Watch in your area, here are some basic guidelines:

  • Contact neighbors in your area to find out who would want to participate. Generally, Neighborhood Watch groups are comprised of neighbors who live on the same block.
  • Contact the Great Falls Community Policing office to have an officer attend your Neighborhood Watch meeting. Usually the meetings are held in the evening when most area residents would be able to attend. In most instances, meetings are held at a residence located within that specific geographic area.
  • Locally, NeighborWorks oversees the Neighborhood Watch program. For more info, please contact Carol Bronson at (406) 761-5861.