Neighborhood Watch "Frequently Asked Questions"

How much time is this going to involve?
Neighborhood Watch requires a minimal amount of time. Participants are asked to attend an organization meeting. Once the block is formed it is the neighborhood's responsibility to make sure the Watch in ongoing.

How long is the organizational meeting?
The meeting lasts no longer than 1 to 1 1/2 hours. During the meeting, block formations are set up, block captains are selected and topics such as theft prevention, home security and crime reporting are discussed.

What does the block captain do?
Block captains serve as the main contact for their neighborhood. They update block maps when a changes occur in the neighborhood, purchase NW signs, encourage reporting of suspicious activity, welcome new residents to the area and share the Operation ID Kit with the NW participants.

Do Neighborhood Watch programs really work?
Police studies consistently show that crime is decreased in Watch areas.

Do we have a crime problem?
Local law enforcement will provide information regarding crime in your area at the organizational meeting. However, a Watch can be established before a crime problem occurs in the neighborhood. Participating in a Watch provides other benefits besides preventing crime.