Process Server, Sergio Carrion

City of Great Falls Montana

The Process Server is a civilian police department employee who works closely with Municipal Court.

Duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Calls and physically serves subpoenas to victims and witnesses on a daily basis out of the Great Falls Municipal Court
  • Serves notices of possible violations of specific city ordinances which have been issued by the Community Development Department
  • Maintains records of service and delivers information to the court to account for proper returns
  • Retreives computer reports of arrest warrants which have been cleared by the Municipal Court or by a law enforcement officer
  • Enters active warrants into CJIN
  • Files all warrants from Municipal Court at the Dispatch Center
  • Picks up daily paperwork from the City & County Attorneys and Justice & Municipal Courts, to be distributed to appropriate personnel
  • Conducts monthly validations of active entered CJIN warrants & restraining orders
  • Delivers the weekly agenda to the City Commissioners each Friday
  • Holds CJIN/NCIC certification

Phone Process Server Carrion at (406)455-8515