Records/Budget Supervisor Sheryl Carr

Supervisor Carr

The Police Records/Budget Supervisor is a civilian employee who is primarily responsible for supervising technical personnel in the Records and Detective Bureaus as well as preparing and monitoring department budgets. Duties include, but are not limited to:

•Maintains, updates, edits and performs information queries on a automated database that contains information on crime and calls for service used for state and federal statistical reporting;
•Provides training to employees on the use of automated systems;
•Plans, assigns and directs the work of subordinate staff to ensure the needs of various bureaus within the agency are met;
•Prepares and tracks budgets and spending plans for the department in order to provide effective financial management;
•Administers grants to ensure funds are being used properly;
•Works with various entities in the dissemination of criminal justice statistics and investigative materials;
•Must obtain a CJIN/NCIC certification.

Sheryl Carr has been with the City of Great Falls since October of 1986 and with the Great Falls Police Department since April of 1989. She was the Administrative Assistant to the Chief of Police and is currently the Police Records/Budget Manager. She supervises the Administrative Assistant and Records Division and is responsible for overseeing the department’s budgets, providing crime statistics to the State and FBI, and ensuring data quality in the department’s records management software and other systems. She is also the current president of the Montana Law Enforcement Information and Records Association (MTLEIRA).