Salary and Benefit Information

Salary & Benefit Information  
Contractual Period 7/1/16 - 12/31/16
First Year Base Salary $47,256
After 1 year Probation (includes longevity pay of $16.50/mo. for completing 1st year of service) $49,230
Senior Police Officer (achieved after 2 years - rate includes longevity pay for completing 2 years of service; add longevity pay of $16.50/mo. for each additional year of service thereafter - maximum 20 years longevity may be accumulated) $56,782

NOTE: POST certified officers with prior experience may qualify to start at either the 1 year or 2 year rate of pay. Out-of-state officers whose POST certification is recognized by Montana must complete a legal equivalency certification within one year of hire.

Obtain further information by calling Lt. Jack Allen (406) 455-8556.

  • Vacation - 120 hours per year; eligible for use after 6 months of employment
  • Holidays - 11 days per year in odd years and 12 days per year in even years
  • Sick Leave - 96 hours per year; eligible for use after 90 days of employment
  • Health Insurance (as of 7/1/16) - City contributes roughly 90% of premiums, varying slightly by plan. The following rates are subject to change every July 1st; employee's contribution also varies with type of coverage (aprx. premiums): single coverage - $45/month; employee & child coverage - $111/month; employee & spouse coverage - $117/month; family - $154/month. $25 office co-pay; includes medical, dental and vision.
  • Retirement Plan - $783 of the City's monthly health insurance contribution is factored into gross pay for retirement benefits only, and does not affect hourly pay. Employee contributes 9% of gross income, employer contributes 14.41%. The State of Montana contributes 29.37% of total compensation paid to municipal police officers each year. Mandatory enrollment through Municipal Police Officers’ Retirement System (MPORS); vested after five years of service. Retirement after twenty years is computed at 2.5% x number of years of service x average of final 3 years salary.
  • Uniforms and Equipment - probationary employees are issued required uniforms and equipment
  • Unemployment Insurance
  • Medicare
  • Life Insurance - through Montana Police Protective Association: Member $20,000, Spouse $10,000, Dependant children $5,000
  • Additional compensation  - includes shift differential and overtime compensation