School Resource Officer (SRO)

School Resource Officer

The School Resource Officers (SROs) are detectives assigned to work within the public school system. Currently, we have 4 SROs, one in each of two high schools, and one in each of two middle schools. The SROs work closely with school administrators and need to be self motivated, and have good interpersonal skills and organizational skills. Listed below are the general duties of SROs:

  • Investigate criminal and drug offenses that occur on school grounds or other school related events
  • Collect and preserve evidence that may be needed for prosecution purposes
  • Design lesson plans and give classroom presentations as requested
  • Attend meetings with school administrators, parents, and students
  • Work with school officials to develop safety plans for the schools
  • Patrol the schools and surrounding area
  • Testify in court as required
  • Complete written police reports and other written documentation as required
  • Perform follow-up investigations as needed

Great Falls High School Det. Cory Reeves (406) 455-8403
CMR High School Det. Nick Taylor             (406) 455-8513
North Middle School Det. Josh Garner      (406) 455-8420
East Middle School Det. Aaron Frick         (406) 455-8527