Special Projects

Special Projects Officer, SPO Scott Bambenek

Special Projects is an innovative community policing office which uses a proactive approach to solving problems within the community. Currently, there are three officers assigned to this office. One of the main duties is for officers to host, teach, and oversee the Citizens’ Academy. The purpose of the Academy is to promote and enhance citizen understanding and awareness of the role of the Great Falls Police Department. The program is designed to develop positive relations between the police and the community through education. The Academy occurs twice a year and allows up to 30 students in each class. Law Related Education was brought back this year, due to the bureau being fully staffed. One officer oversees this program, which is taught at GFHS and CMR. This program gives high school students an opportunity to look into the life of Law Enforcement from all aspects. Part of the curriculum is a ride-a-long with an officer. Listed below are some of the duties of the Special Projects officers:

  • Organize, oversee, and teach the Citizens’ Academy
  • Use forensic video techniques to enhance and clarify surveillance video to assist in crime solving
  • Give crime prevention/safety presentations as requested
  • Attend Neighborhood Council meetings and address problems/concerns that are brought up
  • Work with citizens to solve issues regarding problem houses and individuals throughout the community
  • Work with citizens to establish Neighborhood Watch groups

Phone Officer Bambenek at: (406)455-8529
Phone Officer Fleming at:     (406)455-8523

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