Special Victims Unit (SVU) Detectives

Special Victims Unit Detective MPO Art Schalin

The Special Victims Unit (SVU) consists of four detectives, performing the following duties:

The Violent/Sex Offender detective works closely with local, state and federal agencies to keep track of registered violent and sexual offenders that are registered locally. This detective follows up on violent/sexual offender registration information and checks to see if current addresses are listed on the registration form. He provides educational meetings on violent and sexual offenders to citizens from the community. This detective must be able to work under minimal supervision and have good communication skills. Listed below are some of the duties of the Violent/Sexual Offender detective:

  • Checks current addresses of registered violent and sexual offenders
  • Provides safety/educational presentations as requested
  • Investigates suspicious people complaints
  • Requests warrants for offenders that fail to properly register
  • Performs follow-up investigations as required

The Internet Crimes against Children detective is dedicated to developing effective responses to the online enticement of children by sexual predators, child exploitation, and child obscenity and pornography cases. The national Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force Program is dedicated to increasing the investigative capabilities of State and local law enforcement officers and prosecutors in the detection and investigation of internet crimes against children offenses and the apprehension of offenders, including technology-facilitated child exploitation offenses. Some of his duties are the following:

  • Provides an effective response to cyber enticement and child pornography cases
  • Provides community education concerning child sexual exploitation
  • Engaged in proactive and forensic investigations and prepares cases for criminal prosecution
  • Requests arrest and search warrants as needed through investigations
  • Works closely with the U.S. Attorney’s Office and the Cascade County Attorney

The Special Victims Unit detectives investigate sexual assaults, rapes, other sex offenses and child abuse. These detectives consistently perform follow-ups on sexual assaults in which patrol officers had taken the original complaint and request a detective to assist. Some of the duties include the following:

  • Investigate reported crimes and perform the necessary follow-up
  • Be able to take oral and written statements from victims, suspects, and witnesses
  • Prepare written police reports and other required documentation
  • Testify in court for prosecution purposes
  • Request arrest and search warrants as needed
  • Work closely with DPHHS and County Attorney


Det. Schalin (406) 455-8406
Det. Slaughter (406) 455-8402
Det. Scott (406) 455-8575
Det. Price (406) 455-8516

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Special Victims Unit Detective MPO Noah ScottSpecial Victims Unit Detective MPO Jesse SlaughterSpecial Victims Unit Detective SPO Adam Price