Tattoo Policy Notice for Police Applicants

The Great Falls Police Department has a policy related to tattoos and body art. Applicants considering employment are to be aware that this policy will have a direct impact on eligibility for hiring.

Tattoos or body art displaying the following are prohibited at all times:

  • racism;
  • sexism or sexually suggestive or explicit;
  • obscenity or profane;
  • gang or drug related;
  • undermining City or department values;
  • political in nature.

Officers hired are prohibited from having tattoos visible on arms below the elbow or anywhere on their legs while on duty.

Prohibited areas:
Tattoos on the following body areas are prohibited from view while on duty, and shall be covered at all times:

  • neck
  • head
  • face
  • ears
  • hands and fingers

Body Piercing and Disfigurements:
Body piercing and intentional (decorative) disfigurement are prohibited from view. All piercings and intentional decorative disfigurements shall be covered while the staff member is on duty.

Note: There are exceptions for female police officers who may wear pierced earrings of modest design and does not violate more specific department policy as written.