Volunteer Coordinator

Adrienne Ehrke - Volunteer Coordinator

Adrienne Ehrke is the Volunteer Coordinator for the GFPD.  Her role is to find, recruit, train, and evaluate dedicated volunteers to enhance the police department’s service to the community. She is constantly looking for ways to augment the police department and mobilize the compassion and spirit of volunteerism in the community.

We strive to make the volunteers’ experience at the GFPD rewarding and fulfilling. It is the goal of the GFPD to ensure that volunteers find their work meaningful and important to the GFPD’s mission.  The Volunteer Coordinator ensures that these volunteers feel rewarded for their selfless dedication.

By making our community stronger and safer, while creating partnerships between our citizens and law enforcement, the volunteer  program helps fulfill one of the three main tenets of the GFPD’s mission statement: “We are the community, and they are us”

Phone Volunteer Coordinator Ehrke at: (406)455-8408