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Thank you for your interest in the GFPD Volunteer Program!

The GFPD’s VIPS (Volunteers in Police Service) program was launched in March of 2013, and continues to grow every day.  We partner with the community to supplement, support, and engage with the GFPD.  Our ultimate goal is to enhance police services, making Great Falls more enriched & livable, and a safer community. Current Programs include:

Sex and Violent Offender Registration

These volunteers will be regularly scheduled to handle the updating of addresses and fingerprinting of Sexual and Violent Offenders. This position is a weekly 4 hour shift, available from 8am-noon and noon-4pm, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Volunteer Bike Patrol

Bicycle volunteers patrol community events, the River’s Edge Trail, and surrounding parks, acting as “eyes and ears” ambassadors for the GFPD. They available to answer questions and concerns from citizens, and are always on the lookout for suspicious activity. These volunteers will be scheduled based on the availability of a partner, for a 3 hour shift per week.

Volunteer Citizen Patrol

These volunteers drive the marked volunteer vehicle, patrolling schools, parks, housing authority, and other areas of interest, acting as extra “eyes and ears” for the GFPD.  Additionally, they work on abandoned vehicles, following city ordinances and state laws pertaining to junk or abandoned vehicles.  These volunteers are committed to one 4 hour shift per week. Shifts run from approximately 8am-12pm, 12pm-4pm, and 5:15pm-9:15pm, 7 days a week.  During the summer months, the volunteers drive a donated ATV with emphasis on the River’s Edge Trail, downtown, and surrounding parks.

Detective Support

This position varies from day to day, depending on the needs of the Investigative Bureau. The goal is to help detectives, who each have dozens of assignments, manage their workload and build cases.  This commitment is for 4 hours a week.

Evidence Room Support

These volunteers are responsible for preparing media for attorneys and assisting the evidence techs with their daily responsibilities.  This position is a 4 hour a week time commitment, available 8am-5pm, Monday-Friday.

Warrants Office Assistant

Warrants volunteers call individuals who have outstanding warrants issued from Municipal Court.  The goal is to provide people with information on how to easily resolve their warrant.  This position is a 2 hour a week time commitment, available any time of day during reasonable phoning hours.

Professional Volunteers

There are individuals in Great Falls who want to donate their professional services to assist the GFPD, whether it is painting, EMS, or chaplain type work we try to utilize your skills and make sure you have fun!

Eligibility Requirements:

  • 18 years or older
  • Able to pass a background check (levels vary, based upon position)
  • Have a passion to volunteer and make Great Falls a better place

Adrienne Ehrke
(406) 455-8408
or message us through Facebook at www.facebook.com/GFPolice

Click on the PDF volunteer application form at the bottom of this page if you are interested in becoming a volunteer for the Great Falls Police Department!

This exciting program is growing and we are always looking for new ways for you to get involved!

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