Meter Upgrade Program

The City Utility Division are currently upgrading water meters for customers who have an older style 'TTR' water meter.  TTR meter reading equipment is obsolete and the City is unable to obtain repair parts for the readers we currently have.  It is imparative that these meters be replaced as soon as possible.  City staff are placing 'door hanger' notices on homes that will need to upgrade.  When you receive this notice, please contact Public Works Utilities at (406) 727-8045 to schedule an appointment.  Appointments take approximately 45 minutes to replace the meter, rewire and install a new readout box on the outside of the house.  Your meter is in your crawl space or basement, so someone must be at home for the appointment.  Appointments are scheduled Monday through Friday at 8:30, 10:00, 1:00 or 2:30.