Right-of-Way Permit: Required for all exavations within the public right-of-way other than excavations for curbcuts, driveways and sidewalks which have separate permits.

Fire Line Permit: Required for repair or installation of any water service used as a dedicated fire line.

Curb Permit: Required prior to any excavation, removal, replacement of concrete curb or curb and gutter in a dedicated right-of-way.

Sidewalk Permit: Required prior to any excavation, removal, and replacement of concrete sidewalk in a dedicated right-of-way.

General Plumbing Permit: Required when any water service piping is repaired, altered or installed.

Razing Permit: Required whenever a building is to be moved or torn down and the water and sewer lines are to be cut-off or abandoned within the right-of-way.

Building Sewer Permits: Required for residential and commercial service. Plans, specifications and other pertinent information must accompany the application.