Wildland Fire Prevention Program

City of Great Falls Firefighters extinguish a grass fire

As warmer weather stimulates renewed growth in grasses, trees, shrubs and weeds, Great Falls Fire Rescue and Great Falls Public Works wants to remind urban area property owners that wildland fires pose a threat even to highly developed areas.

In response to a continuing concern about wildland semi-urban areas, Great Falls Fire Rescue and the Great Falls Public Works Department have unveiled a new program to educate property owners on ways to reduce their risks.  The Wildland Fire Prevention Program works to identify properties at higher risk for wildland fires from starting and spreading to nearby areas.

Some of the Wildland Fire Prevention Program's recommendations seem like common sense, other are not so obvious.  They all begin with a detailed assessment of the property surrounding a home.

  • Look around your property and home areas
  • Clear any thick grass, heavy brush and weeds that could ignite and spread to other areas
  • Create a defensible space around your home
  • Clear grass, brush and weeds from beneath trees
  • Remove pine needles from roof tops
  • Keep wood piles away from your house
  • Clear debris from under deck areas

In the coming months firefighters from Great Falls Fire Rescue will examine areas within their response area looking for potential wildland fire hazards.

Local property owners who are interested in obtaining more information about protecting their homes from wildland fires, or in scheduling a wildland fire risk inspection, can call Great Falls Fire Rescue at (406) 727-8070.