City of Great Falls Park Rules & Regulations Park rules and regulations

♦ Parks are closed to vehicles and people from dusk to daylight.
♦ Motorized vehicles may not be operated in excess of 10 mph and only upon designated road.
♦ Parking in front of or within a designated entry or driveway which hinders the use of the park property is prohibited.
♦ Destruction, defacement or dismantling of any park equipment; park furnishings; trees, flowers or other planting and facilities on park  property is prohibited.
♦ Active games around designated flowers/shrub beds or young trees is prohibited.
    ►Practicing or playing golf is prohibited except at designated golf courses.
    ►Snowmobiling on or within park land is prohibited.
♦ Organized athletic activities or group functions are allowed upon written permission from the Park and Recreation Director.
♦ Littering or dumping debris on or within park land is prohibited.
♦ No erection, construction or maintenance shall be made above or below ground, across or beneath park land without written permission from the Park and Recreation Director.
♦ Selling, advertising or solicitation of products/services within park land is prohibited unless written permission is received from the Park and Recreation Director.
♦ Metal detectors are authorized only through permit issued by the Park an Recreation Director.
♦ All pets must be on a leash and shall be restricted to areas such as sidewalks, roads, trails, or such designated pet walking areas.
♦ Large animals such as horses, cows, and mules, which may damage the turf, are prohibited except in designated riding areas.
♦ Discharging, possession of or selling of fireworks is prohibited in all dedicated park areas. including golf courses.
♦ Use of park land other than its intended use must be approved in writing by the Park and Recreation Director.
♦ Except as provided in 9.20.030, public drinking and public display and exhibition of beer, wine or liquor are prohibited.