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There are various parks and pathways located throughout Great Falls for the enjoyment of everyone in the City.  It is the responsibility of the Park Department to ensure that those areas are not only beautiful and inviting, but kept safe and accessible.  For a listing of parks that have restroom facilities and are available to rent for your special event go to Facilty Reservations

Park Name Acreage Address Amenities
Anaconda Hills Golf Course 130.0 2400 Smelter Avenue (Black Eagle) 18 Hole Course
BelView 9.17 2 Miles Southeast of Airport Playstructure, benches, tables
Bloomingdale 2.92 1615 8th Avenue Northwest Playstructure, benches, tables
Boston Heights 2.57 3300 1st Avenue North Firehouse
Broadwater Bay 6.15 220 River Drive South Boat Launch/docks bathroom, benches
Carter 2.50 611 3rd Street South Shelter, table, benches
Charles Russell 6.06 3300 15th Avenue South Tennis court, playstructure, path
Chowen Springs 6.5 801 17th Street South Playstructure, tables, benches
Clara 8.24 4110 Ella Drive Benches, path
Community Hall 2.2 410 16th Street Southwest Community Orchard
Dudley Anderson 6.07 701 33rd Street South Playstructure, tables, swimming pool/splash park
Eagle Falls Golf Club 169.87 1025 25th Street North 18 Hole course
Eagles Crossing 11.0 1411 48th Avenue Northeast Playstructure, benches
Elks Riverside 33.6 501 River Drive North Shelter, playstructure, tennis, horseshoe, benches, tables, bathroom
Fox Hollow 5.46 3100 Coyote Lane Open space
Garden Home 12.22 701 Bay Drive Benches, tables, trail
Gibson 60.0 400 Park Drive North Banshell, pond, benches, tables, playstructure, flower garden,  BB court
Grande Vista 16.5 10 Ferguson Drive BB court, slide, benches, little league field
Graybill 4.06 820 36th Street North Swingset, BB court, tables, shelter
Heren 5.30 4415 4th Avenue North Playstructure, shelter, tables, benches, path
Highland   1700 13th Street South Open Space
Horizon 1.65 101 29th Avenue Northeast Open Space
Hylande Heights 2.37 1900 4th Street South Benches, path
Jaycee (Gallatin) 11.82 225 23rd Avenue Northeast Swimming pool/spash park, playstructure, tables, benches
Kiwanis - North 6.94 509 23rd Street North Playstructure, tennis court, BB court
Kiwanis - West 9.45 723 1st Avenue Northwest Playstructure, shelter, bathroom
Kranz 2.57 1605 4th Avenue South Parking lot
Lion's 14.28 2701 10th Avenue South Shelter, playstructure, path, memorial grove, bathroom, tennis court, tables, benches
Madison 4.04 140 Riverview C Swingset/slide
Margaret 1.15 20 Park Drive South Benches, tables, parking lot
Meadowlark 11.35 2801 Fox Farm Road Playstructure, tables, benches
Memorial 2.57 1901 2nd Avenue North Gazebo, playstructure, benches, tables, flower garden
Mitchell Pool 8.0 100 River Drive South Pool, drop slides, flow rider, lazy river, full pool amenities
Montana 9.09 2000 Fox Farm Road Tennis courts, parking lot
Morony 2.57 111 12th Street North Indoor pool, BB court, benches
Multi Sports Complex 28.0 1021 21st Avenue South 8 softball field complex
Noah's Ark 2.0 945 Avenue D Northwest Playstrucutre, BB court
Oddfellow 12.0 220 River Drive South Playstructure, tables, benches, BB court, kayak ramp, shelter, trail
Overlook 22.0 15 Overlook Drive Visitor Center, statues, benches, tables, path
Pinski 9.36 4620 5th Avenue South Playstructure, shelter, tables, BB court
Rhodes 2.57 812 Central Avenue West Playstructure, tables
Riverview 4.53 130 Smelter Avenue Northwest Next to Riverview Elementary School
Roosevelt 2.57 2401 2nd Avenue North Tables, path
Sacajawea 3.5 2900 8th Street Northeast Little League baseball fields
Sandhills 13.15 1600 23rd Street South Open Space
Sight & Sound 2.7 201 River Drive North Tables, benches
Skyline 2.69 3309 10th Street Northeast Open Space
Skyline Optimist 6.15 513 33rd Avenue Northeast Playstructure, tables, benches
Sunnyside 2.14 1412 High Street Tables, benches, Gazebo, BB court
Sunrise 2.25 835 Beth Drive Tennis court, BB court, swing set
Tourist 8.0 10 River Drive South Tables
Valleyview 9.08 1208 10th Avenue Northwest Playstructure, tables, benches
Verde 8.0 1709 Upper River Road Playstructure
Veteran's Memorial 11.06 1025 25th Street North Memorial, parking lot
Wadsworth 240.0 4620 Wilkinson Lane Lake, kiosk, tables, benches, dock, canoe launch
Warden 18.87 201 13th Avenue South Gazebo, Folf course, tables, benches, path
West Bank 11.0 1600 4th Street Northeast Shelter, tables, benches, bathroom, canoe/kayak dock
West Viaduct 2.5 1521 2nd Avenue South Open Space
Westwood 2.31 1411 2nd Street Northwest CMR tennis courts, bleachers
Whittier 1.2 2 Park Drive South Benches, tables, parking lot


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