Looking for the Perfect Summer Job?

City of Great Falls Montana


DATE:  June 12, 2013
CONTACT: Jennifer Reichelt, 455-8417
Deputy City Manager


GREAT FALLS, Montana – Have you been looking endlessly for a summer job? Are you currently trying to save money for college or your first car? Maybe you just need some extra spending money. Well look no further, the City of Great Falls may have the perfect opportunity for you. The City’s Park and Recreation Department is still in need of lifeguards for the summer season. Becoming a lifeguard can be a rewarding experience and provides a summer job with flexible hours, competitive pay and an ideal work environment. To view the full job description visit http://www.greatfallsmt.net/jobs.

Qualified applicants must be 15 and older and obtain all lifeguard certifications. Great Falls High School is offering an American Red Cross Life Guard Training Class this Saturday at the Great Falls High Pool, to register call Bob Stingley at 406-590-1094 by noon on Friday.  The cost of the class is $175 and the City will refund $75 of the cost of the class if the lifeguard works the entire summer.  This weekend’s class is the last opportunity to become a lifeguard for the summer season. Those who have a current lifeguard certification can apply immediately to work for the City as a lifeguard.

There are many benefits to becoming a lifeguard, including job security. While many lifeguards return to Great Falls each summer to work, it’s also a skill lifeguards can take with them regardless of location. Lifeguards also receive American Red Cross CPR and First Aid certifications; while essential on the job, they are also beneficial in their personal and professional lives. These are tremendous assets and skills to have, and it’s surprising how great they sound in future interviews and how impressive they can look on resumes.

It is unfortunate how few people really enjoy what they do. However, lifeguards get to do something they enjoy each day, while keeping people safe. They also work with a great group of people while enjoying the great outdoors. The City offers a graduated wage scale for lifeguards; the starting year lifeguards make $7.95-$8.45. Each year a lifeguard returns or takes on more responsibility their salary may increase.

Working as part of team and developing leadership skills are essential life skills that stay with lifeguards even when they leave the pool or water park. Becoming a lifeguard isn’t your typical summer job; it’s a rewarding life experience that truly helps prepare young adults for the future.  If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about becoming a lifeguard please contact Marian Permann, Park and Recreation Supervisor at 452-3733.