River's Edge Trail Maintenance Plan


DATE:  November 3, 2012

CONTACT: Marty Basta, Park & Recreation Director - 406.771.1265


River’s Edge Trail Maintenance Plan

Great Falls, Montana - With 48 miles of urban and rural trails, the award winning River’s Edge Trail has become a major recreational and social amenity for Great Falls, linking parks along the river and attracting a wide range of users, from toddlers to seniors, to runners, walkers, and bicyclists.  In addition to providing recreation opportunities for area residents, River’s Edge Trail is one of the top tourist attractions for Great Falls as well as a recruitment tool for major businesses.

To ensure that the River’s Edge Trail continues to be a positive attraction for the City of Great Falls and Giant Springs State Park, a Maintenance Plan is being developed.  Trail managers, including the City of Great Falls, and Montana State Parks and Recreational Trails, Inc., have teamed with TD&H Engineering and The Greenway Team of Boulder, Colorado to prepare a maintenance plan that becomes a proactive process for the continued health of Great Falls’ greatest public recreation asset, the River’s Edge Trail.  Funding for this effort has been provided by  PPL Montana River Fund, PPL Montana, Great Falls Cross Country Club, Recreational Trails Inc., Montana State Parks, and the City of Great Falls.

The plan objective is to provide Trail managers with a comprehensive approach to trail maintenance.  The plan will inventory trail assets and identify major maintenance needs and activities.  The plan will make recommendations for long term management of the urban and rural parts of the trail and identify potential funding sources.

The kickoff meeting for the plan was October 19 and the data collection phase of the project is underway.  Developing the River's Edge Trail Maintenance Plan is expected to take three months.  For questions regarding this effort, contact John Juras of TD&H Engineering at 761-3010.