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Free Admission
Great Falls has become the envy of skateboarders across Montana. The 27,000 square foot Riverside Railyard is considered one of the top five skate parks in the Pacific Northwest. Skaters come from all over the western half of the United States to try their skills at the park. The park features a series of bowls, including one with a nine foot depth, a full pipe, half pipes, a clamshell and a street course with ledges, grind rails, grind boxes and steps. Best of all, it's free for all skateboarders, inline skaters and roller skaters.

Directions to Riverside Railyard
Riverside Railyard is located at 500 River Drive North in Great Falls. Directions: from Interstate 15, take the Central Avenue West exit; travel east on Central Avenue West until the light at River Drive (east end of the bridge); turn left on River Drive; follow River Drive for approximately 4 blocks; Riverside Railyard is on the right.

Skate Park Rules and Regulations

  • Enter at your own risk. For your safety check the park area for objects and debris. Be alert, flying objects are not uncommon.
  • Safety equipment strongly recommended including helmets, pads, gloves, guards, and footwear.
  • Use of the facility is only allowed during park hours - (daylight to dusk). After hours use or use when closed will result in a trespass citation.
  • No motorized vehicles, only skateboards, rollerblades and BMX bicycles are allowed.
  • Do not skate if the surface is wet or icy.
  • Exercise common sense and courtesy to others.
  • No spectators inside the skating area. Guardians or parents supervising children are allowed.
  • Alcohol, tobacco products, drugs and offensive language are prohibited.
  • You pack it in you pack it out.
  • Adult supervision recommended for users 12 and under.
  • To report violations, vandalism and misuse of this park call 771-1180.
  • The City of Great Falls reserves the right to revoke the use of Riverside Railyard for individuals that do not obey the rules. All city ordinances and park rules will be enforced.

The Skate Park is for your enjoyment. By following the rules you can have a fun, safe and positive experience!

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