What do you Love ABOUT Great Falls Park & Recreation?

Gibson Park Vinegar Jones Cabin

Our beautiful City with parks, flower gardens, tree lined streets, and landscaped areas? River’s Edge Trail? Swimming pools, golf courses, tennis courts, the Community Recreation Center, Riverside Rail Yard Skate Park? Youth and adult activities including softball, basketball, volley ball, summer camps, swimming lessons, park programs, junior and adult golf lessons? Special events including Ice Breaker Road Race, Pet & Doll Parade, Easter Egg Hunt, Lions Family FunFest, Electric City Winter Classic Youth Basketball Tournament.  Park and Recreation provides all of these services and more.

The Park and Recreation Department’s primary focus is to enhance the overall health and livability of our community. This is the number one goal of Park and Recreation, and we continually strive to provide and improve services, programs, events, and facilities to enhance the health and livability of the community and to provide parks and an urban forest system that adds beauty, fitness opportunities, and a wealth of other benefits making Great Falls a healthy, livable and beautiful community.

Parks have been an integral part of Great Falls since Paris Gibson laid out the original City plat in 1883. Today, the administration and staff of the Park and Recreation Department work with members of the advisory boards to keep the City's parks and urban forest well maintained and provide recreational opportunities for the City's residents and guests.

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