Giant Springs State Park 
♦ A true Montana gem, Giant Springs was noted in the Lewis & Clark journals. It is the largest fresh water springs in the United States.

First Peoples Buffalo Jump and Visitors' Center 
♦ One of the largest pre-historic buffalo-kill sites in the United States. The visitor center and interpretive trails tell the story of the hundreds of years that Indians stampeded buffalo over the cliff.

Great Falls Park & Recreation
♦ Great Falls features many beautiful parks to relax and recreate in. If relaxing isn't your style, the Park and Recreation Department also maintains the Electric City Water Park, Morony Natatorium (indoor pool), Warden Park Frisbee Golf Course, and Riverside Railyard Skateboard Park. Great Falls Park and Recreation runs the two 18-hole municipal golf courses as well.

National Parks
♦ Great Falls lies between Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks. Glacier is part of the Wateron-Glacier International Peace Park, the first ever international peace park.