Great Falls at Night

Population, government, location and more information about Great Falls.

Great Falls is:

  • a First Class Montana city that was founded in 1884 and incorporated in 1888
  • the county seat of Cascade County
  • the third largest city in Montana with a population of 58,505 and 26,000+ registered voters
  • a municipal corporation, organized under the laws of the State of Montana
  • located on the Missouri River in Central Montana
    • approximately 50 miles east of the Continental Divide
    • 120 miles south of the Canadian border
    • near the geographical center of Montana
    • between Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks
  • 3,300 feet above sea level
  • over 22 square miles in area

Great Falls has: 

  • a Commission - Manager form of government with self-govering powers as established by the City Charter
  • a City Charter which was adopted June 3, 1986 and became effective July 1, 1986