Licensing is a function of the Community Development Division of the Planning and Community Development Department (P&CD). Community Development receives and processes applications for Home Occupation Certificates, Professional Licenses, Beer and Wine Licenses, Safety Inspection Certificates, and Non-resident Business Licenses. The staff reviews and issues the Certificates/Licenses to all businesses, offices and professional offices. The Safety Inspection Certificate fees were established to recover the costs of providing special services (fire and building inspections) to every business within the City and to provide Home Occupations with a permitting process. These services ensure that business locations are safe for customers, neighbors, and employees.

Business Licenses/Safety Inspection Certificates

The City of Great Falls issues Safety Inspection Certificates in lieu of Business Licenses to businesses located within the city limits. Businesses from outside the city limits do need a Non-Resident Business License to conduct business within Great Falls.

Annually each business premise or multi-family residential premise is inspected by the Fire Department to make sure the property is safe for both the employees and customers. To cover the cost of this safety service, each business premise needs a Safety Inspection Certificate. The fee for this Certificate depends on the square footage of the business. Contact the Department of Planning and Community Development at 455-8414.

Telecommunication Towers

Telecommunication Towers must obtain a Non-Resident Business License and building permit. Contact Charlie Sheets, Development Review Coordinator, at 406-455-8431 for information.
See also: Telecommunication Tower Non-Resident Business License Application link below

Home Occupation Certificate

The City of Great Falls allows many people to conduct business out of their home for a nominal fee, as long as their neighbors agree and certain requirements are met. Call 455-8414 with any questions.