Pet Adoptions

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So You Want to Adopt?

Are you ready to adopt an animal from the shelter? Can you provide the animal a forever home?

We are very pleased you are considering adopting a Shelter pet.  The GFAS has many wonderful animals that deserve a second chance in life and who are looking for their forever home.  Please remember these animals have already been through many trials in life and need their next home to be their last.  You are making a lifelong commitment and the decision to adopt should not be taken lightly.  Please consider the financial obligations and time involved in owning a pet.

After you decide you will be able to provide a home for a new pet; decide what kind of pet you want.  Research the species and breed on the internet.  Make sure the animal you are considering fits your family, home, and lifestyle.

Before you adopt and bring your new pet home, make sure your home is 'pet friendly'.  Try to have beds, bowls, toys etc. on hand before adopting and determine the right place in the home for these items.  It is an easier transition for your new pet if they know right from the beginning where their items are.

Make sure your fencing is adequate for the type of animal you are bringing home.

Check the City Animal Ordinances for other details you may need to know about owning a pet.  Check with your landlord.  Do they allow pets?  What species and/or breed?  Is there a certain weight limit?

Being as prepared as possible BEFORE the adoption will save a lot of time and unneeded heartache on both the new owner and animal.

Now you are ready to visit the link to and view our available pets.  When you find a prospect come to the shelter for a visit.  Click here for the Adoption Application you may complete beforehand or at the shelter.  The approval process takes about 10 minutes.  When you decide on which animal you would like to adopt then we can complete the adoption contract.

See the Shelter Fee List for current adoption prices. 

After the Adoption

If you find the transition of ownership not being as easy as you had hoped, please do not give up.  Remember you are trying to offer that animal a second chance in life.  They all have some sort of past.  Maybe it will just take some time.  If you need assistance with training your new pet, you have many options.

Talk to your veterinarian
Search the internet for training tips
Seek out a professional
Find the animal a new adoptive family

Please only consider bringing it back to the shelter as your very, LAST resort.   Also visit our Pet Owner Resources and Owner Surrenders menus for more information and assistance.


The below pictures are animals we have had in the shelter. They may no longer be available.  Please see for current available pets.

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Picture of a Cattle Type DogPicture of a Brown PuppyPicture of a Calico CatPicture of a Tabby KittenPicture of a Gray and White Banded RabbitPicture of a White FerretPicture of a White and Brown Rat