City Commission Vision/Goals

Our vision is that of a responsive local government strategically prepared for change and challenge. We will build partnerships throughout the community. We will be recognized for our efficient, effective and caring delivery of service and products. Nurtured and inspired by this vision, we will create a passion for excellence. Our core values of honesty, respect and openness will constantly guide our actions.

Our goals:

► Develop a visually appealing and culturally rich community.

► Manage growth to preserve our resources, environment, and sense of community.

► Provide excellent public services desired by the community within its financial means.

► Strengthen and diversify our economy to provide job opportunities.

► Anticipate future service needs, costs and resources, and plan ahead to address them.

► Form partnerships with other governments and organizations to make better use of public resources in providing services.

► Ensure open and accessible government.

► Build a stronger team of staff, elected officials, and citizens by transforming our organization to meet the changing needs of the community.

► Remain financially strong.

► Provide leisure and recreational opportunities which add to our quality of life.