Cremation Services

City of Great Falls Montana

The Great Falls Animal Shelter treats all living creatures with dignity, respect and compassion, and we apply these same ethics when their lives have ended.  Animals are our business, and all of us have lost a beloved companion at one time or another.  All of us have grieved, felt guilt, worried about whether we did the best we could do for them, whatever that happened to be.  All of us have felt that aching loneliness when our companion is gone, and the surprise when days or weeks or months later we still expect to see them.  We have experienced the sadness of putting their toys and dishes and beds away.  We have all struggled with when, or even if, it will be time to find another pet.  Not to replace them, but to fill the huge void and create the opportunity for another loving relationship with an animal friend.

Please know that we truly understand how important the grieving process is, and will do our best to help you through it.  And we hope you will appreciate that by choosing our crematory service you are helping with the incredible expense of caring for the homeless animals in our community.

Please see the Shelter Fee List for current cremation services fees.