Welcome to the City of Great Falls Animal Shelter

City of Great Falls Montana Animal Shelter

Our shelter houses many animals that need tender loving care and a great home!

The City of Great Falls Animal Shelter (GFAS) is an Open Admission Municipal animal shelter.  We serve not only the City of Great Falls, but the entire Cascade County and surrounding areas.

The Mission of the Shelter is to ensure the health, safety and welfare of the animals and citizens of our community through education about responsible pet ownership.

Within the City of Great Falls there is some confusion about the different animal organizations.  The City of Great Falls Animal Shelter is an entirely separate entity from all the other animal organizations.  Information on some of the additional animal organizations in Great Falls may be found on our Pet Owner Resource tab.

The GFAS is operated under an annual budget of approximately $529,000.  Approximately 2166 animals are brought into the shelter on a yearly basis.  We use many resources to try and re-home every adoptable animal either by adoption or rescue group.

The City of Great Falls Police Department handles all Animal Control issues, the GFAS houses and cares for the animals only.