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City of Great Falls Montana

Please review the information below BEFORE purchasing tickets (and also review the ticketing site's Privacy Statement and Terms of Use - both found at the bottom of the ticketing site).  Please be sure to double check your ticket order (event, date, time and price) PRIOR to completing the transaction.

Using the site
• Events are listed in date order.
• You may use the "browse categories" to help locate a specific event.
• To find more information about an event, click on "buy tickets." On the next screen is a box with information about the show, the name of the show is a link to more information if provided (or click on the see description link).
For any reason, if you are unsure on your purchase, please do not complete as all sales are final.
• For assistance, please call (406-455-8514), e-mail (ticketing [at] greatfallsmt [dot] net) or visit in person (use the “C” door on the south side of the Mansfield Convention Center, see address below).

Select your own seat
Put your cursor on the map in the section where you want to sit. A left click will "open" that section of the map allowing you to see seat availability.  For events that are general admission there will be no seat map.

Quick pick
This option the computer selects the next best available seat.  Remember everytime Quick Pick is clicked on tickets are added to the shopping cart. Please remove any unwanted tickets before finalizing your purchase; check the dollar amount of tickets in your basket BEFORE placing your order and authorizing your credit card.

Apply a ticket discount
Discounts, if available, may be applied once tickets are in the basket and applied BEFORE proceeding to Checkout. In the center of the shopping cart, a box will appear around the Regular Price with an arrow on the right hand side of the box.  Click on the arrow to see any discount that is available, to apply click the new price that appears below Regular Price.  If there is no box with an arrow around Regular Price, there is no price discount available.  Please note not all discounts are available online.

Apply a coupon code
Online coupons are accessed through a password.  This option will become available once tickets are in your basket. Enter then the password (if known) then the lnline coupons are applied by using the "Apply Discount" button to get the discount (select the discount that matches the password).

General admission
Patrons who purchase tickets to shows that are general admission are reminded that there is NO REPLACEMENT of a general admission ticket for any reason. The Box Office strongly recommends general admission tickets be held in Will Call and not mailed.

Are there additional costs if I choose to not purchase in person?
Yes.  Tickets sold online, over the phone or by mail are subject to a convenience fee. The convenience fee pays for costs associated with the Mansfield Box Office system.  The convenience fee is per ticket and non-refundable.

What is the credit card security code and why do I need to use it during an on-line transaction?
The card security code (CSC) is usually a 3 or 4-digit number that is not part of the credit card number. It is located on the back of a credit card (usually in the signature field). On some cards, all or part of the card number appears before the CSC. The CSC number appears only on the card itself (not on receipts or statements); therefore providing some assurance that the physical card is in the possession of the buyer.

Make Donation
We are currently raising funds to help restore the Mansfield Theater.  You may donate to the project by clicking on Make Donation at the top of the Mansfield ticketing site.

Your Account
Log in to the Mansfield ticketing site with your e-mail and password and use this tab to see your order history.  At this screen you may look up a past order (click on the order number), date purchased and the amount spent.  A great reference if you liked seats from a past performance to see where you sat.

What is the Expire Countdown
Patrons have 15 minutes to complete an order.  The countdown begins once tickets are in the shopping cart (the countdown is on the RH side of the cart below the Section/Row/Seat(s) that were selected.

Ticket buyers may choose to have tickets mailed (this is not an option if purchases are made less than 7 days from a performance).  Tickets are mailed using standard US mail.  A ticket for a reserved show may be replaced if lost or stolen in the mail, there is no replacement of a general admission ticket, Will Call is recommended.

Will Call
A pre-paid ticket held in the box office for pick up.  There are two ways to pick up a Will Call ticket:
• During regular business hours (see hours/address below).
• In lobby of theater starting 1.5 hours before the start of the show. 
• A picture ID and a copy of the e-mail confirmation is preferred.

Where may I purchase tickets in person?
There are two options.
• The Mansfield Box Office – in the Great Falls Civic Center, 2 Park Dr S – accessed from the south side of the Mansfield Convention Center at the door marked “C”.
• In the the lobby of the theater on the night of a show – accessed from the steps facing Central Avenue, the “E” door on the south side of the Civic Center or the “F” door on the north side of the main building.

• September-May: Monday thru Friday from 11:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.
• Summer hours in June, July and August: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 11:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.
• The Box Office is also open 1.5 hours before the start time of an event in the Mansfield Theater.

Is the Mansfield Theater ADA compliant?
Yes, ADA requires accessibility to individuals with disabilities, and the Theater is accessible.

We also offer people with disabilities the same opportunity to participate in and benefit from the services, activities, and goods offered to all other patrons.
• ADA positions are available for purchase via all methods available to all patrons: online, over the phone, by mail or in person.
• If exchanges are allowed, ADA patrons must bring in their tickets and positions may be exchanged for fixed theater seats (if available), fees apply.
• If a patron with an ADA position can’t attend, they may sell or give away their tickets; but if sold or given to a non wheelchair patron, that patron must bring in their tickets and exchange (if available) to non ADA position/fixed theater seat, fees apply.

Does the Mansfield Theater offer ADA seating?
Yes. There are wheelchair and companion positions dispersed throughout the main floor of the Theater. Wheelchair positions are open (no fixed theater seat). The companion positions are also open and next to the wheelchair positions. On the Mansfield Theater seating map, these positions are identified in blue. For the companion positions, a padded chair will be brought in for patrons.  For patrons in wheelchairs who choose to sit in a regular theater seat, companions may store their wheelchairs in the north or south theater hallways.

Where is the ADA entrance?
Use the “F” door on the north east corner of the main Civic Center; entrance has a ramp and an automatic door.

Does the Mansfield Theater offer assisted listening?
Yes, some performances offer assisted listening broadcast.  Devices may be checked out from the box office in the lobby of the theater.

How are the Loge (lower balcony) and the Balcony (upper balcony) accessed?
For both levels, patrons may take stairs or use the Theater’s elevator (located on the north side of the Theater lobby) to get to the second floor.  To access the balcony, there are fourteen stairs and then 2 stairs per row (either down stairs to the Loge or up stairs to the Balcony).

May I purchase tickets if I live in Canada or anywhere outside of the U.S.?
Yes.  All prices are in U.S. dollars.

Please see the link on the home page of the ticketing site in the LH side bar for a link to parking.

Box Office Policies
• All sales are final and non-refundable (unless a show cancels).
• No exchanges.
• If the promoter bringing a show cancels, the full ticket value will be refunded, no other fees paid will be returned.
• Please do not purchase online if you are unsure of your selection or the ticket price.
• Please note, not all special offers, coupons or discounts are available online.
• All patrons, regardless of age, must have a ticket for entrance.
• There is no replacement of a lost or stolen general admission ticket.
• Internet, phone and mail orders will be charged a non-refundable convenience fee.
• Sorry, unpaid reservations are not accepted.
• Authorized ticket exchanges will be charged a $2 per ticket exchange fee.
• Patrons who choose to purchase at the door will be offered the next best available seating.
• The Mansfield Center for the Performing Arts is a non-smoking building.

There are no refunds for ticket purchases unless a show cancels.  PLEASE DO NOT MAKE A PURCHASE IF YOU ARE UNSURE. If a show cancels (or postpones), the promoter presenting the show is responsible for contacting all ticket buyers.  The Mansfield Box Office will refund value of tickets (not any fees paid).  The issuing credit card will be refunded (check with your issuing credit card company on the length of time for an authorized refund -- typically 3-5 business days); tickets purchased by check or cash will have a check mailed.

There are no exchanges of tickets. Promoters presenting shows consider exchange requests on a case-by-case basis. PLEASE DO NOT MAKE A PURCHASE IF YOU ARE UNSURE. If a promoter allows an exchange:
• Tickets to be exchanged must be presented to the box office, no promoter-authorized exchange may be made without original tickets.
• Authorized exchanges may not be for a seat of lesser value than the original purchase.
• Exhange fees apply (payable in check or cash).

Etiquette for the Mansfield Theater
• Please turn off cell phones.
• Taking photographs and the use of recording devices (such as a picture with a cell phone) is prohibited and may be dangerous to the performers.
• Please be a courteous audience member and refrain from talking during a performance.
• Sorry, no food or drink (other than water) allowed.
• Late comers will be seated during breaks in the show and at the House Manager's discretion.
• In case of an emergency, Patrons will be asked to exit quickly and calmly. Please take a moment to find the theater exit nearest you.

Secondary Ticket Sites/Re-sellers
Official ticket sales for Mansfield events will ALWAYS be through the Mansfield Box Office. ALWAYS start at to purchase tickets for events we are ticketing for. Many “secondary” ticket outlets may lead you to believe that they are the official site for ticket purchases when they are not.  To avoid problems with counterfeit, stolen or cancelled tickets, always make your purchase through our authorized ticket site.



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