Neighborhood Council 9

Neighborhood Council 9 map

Council Nine's Boundaries are:
The northern boundary is Central Avenue, the southern boundary is 10th Avenue South, the eastern is 36th Street South, and the western is 10th Street South from 10th Avenue South to 7th Avenue South, then east to 12th Street South, and then north to Central Avenue.

Council Nine serves a population of 7261 people.

Council Nine holds its regular meeting on the second Thursday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in Room 107 of the Main Campus of Great Falls High School during the school year and at the Campfire Office, 1925 2nd Avenue South, in June, July and August.

Council #9 is currently seeking a resident of the area, who is a registered voter, to fill the vacancy on the Council created by the resignation of Lance Johnson.  Please contact the Chair, or the Neighborhood Council Coordinator @ 455-8496, or attend the next meeting if you have questions or are interested in appointment to the Council.

Council Members

Joe Leggett, Chairperson
3220 4th Avenue South

Scott Miranti, Delegate to the Council of Councils
2711 4th Avenue South

Jakeup Rider, Secretary
3012 Central Avenue

Margaret Scheschy, Vice Chair & Police Advisory Board Representative
2420 4th Avenue South