Building Permit Fees

Within the City of Great Falls, Building Permit Fees are charged based on the total value of the project or improvements. Fees are based on either the applicant's stated value (total bid price) or on our Building Valuation Data Table, whichever is highest. The Building Valuation Data Table (updated annually) is published by the International Code Council and is considered a fair estimate of average construction costs across the country. Once the value of the project is established, the Building Permit Fees chart is referenced in order to calculate total building permit fees and plan review fees. Please reference the Building Valuation Data Table and the Building Permit Fees available for download on this page.

Fire sprinkler and alarm permit fees and plan review fees are charged similarly to building permit fees, based on valuation of the work being completed.

Plumbing, Electrical and Mechanical Permit Fees are charged by a slightly different method. A base "Issuance Fee" is charged along with additional fees depending on the type and number of fixtures or appliances associated with the project. Please reference the relevant fee charts available by accessing the menu on the right-hand side of this page.

If there are any questions pertaining to how much your permit fees will be, please call (406)455-8430 and one of the Planning & Community Development Technicians will assist you.

In July 2011, City Commission authorized an automatic 2.5 percent annual increase in permit fees to take effect July 1 of each year to keep pace with inflation, to provide certainty to the development community and to avoid the need for occasional but large permit fee increases.  In any year the Building Fund balance exceeds $600,000 as of June 30, the 2.5 percent fee increase is not applied and fees remain unchanged for another 12 months.  This system is designed to achieve a cash balance in the enterprise fund that can weather a period of reduced revenues due to low construction activity while limiting the maximum fund balance in periods of high construction activity or in the event of the construction of very large projects.

Click on the document link below to view the current fee schedule.