Development Review

Development Review involves review of new development and redevelopment projects within the City of Great Falls as it relates to site design, building design and landscaping. Some projects require review by the Design Review Board consistent with Chapter 28, Design Review, of the Land Development Code.

Development Flowchart

The Development Flowchart provides information on the steps involved in the Development Approval Process and the Building Permitting Process (also located under "Supporting Documents" below).

Design Review Board

Persons interested in constructing or remodeling a commercial structure or a residential structure with eight or more units will need Design Review Board approval of the building and site design. Contact the Sr. Administrative Assistant at 455-8438 in the Planning and Community Development Department to schedule design review early in your planning process. Design review will need to be approved by the Design Review Board before a building permit can be issued. There is no fee for this review.

Please start by filling out the the Design Review Board application (also attached below under "Supporting Documents") and submitting it to the Planning & Community Development Department, Room 112 of the Civic Center.


See also: Land Development Code Chapter 44 

Within one year of issuance of a building permit, owner must install and maintain one canopy tree in the boulevard area for every 35' of street frontage. A canopy tree or evergreen shall be planted and maintained on the private lot for each 1500 sq. ft. of gross lot area (up to two boulevard trees may be applied to this requirement). Turf grass or ground cover plant shall cover at least 50% of the net lot area. Residential boulevards shall be maintained in turf grass.

Minimum square footage of interior landscaping shall be 15% of the gross property area for all property in a commercial zone, and 18% for non residential uses in residential zones. All vehicular use areas shall be paved and striped per requirements in Land Development Code Chapter 36 (link below).


The design of parking areas is critically important to the economic viability of commercial areas, pedestrian and driver safety, the efficient and safe operation of adjoining streets, and community image and livability.

All commercial vehicle use areas must be paved and striped according to the standards set in the Land Development Code. See Land Development Code Chapter 36 (link below).