Current Planning

City of Great Falls Montana

Current Planning deals primarily with the ongoing physical development and redevelopment of real property in the community. This involves the review and analysis of proposed land subdivisions, zone changes, conditional uses, and annexations.

The Planning Advisory Board/Zoning Commission and staff are responsible for reviewing land subdivisions within the City of Great Falls, including those proposed for annexation to the City. City zoning, subdivision, annexation and other land development regulations may be found in the City’s online Municipal Code (see also web link below) and related Zoning Map.

All of the land in the City of Great Falls is zoned and subject to land development regulations. The members of the Planning Advisory Board also serve as the City Zoning Commission. In that capacity, the Commission reviews zoning and conditional use petitions, holds public hearings, and makes recommendations to the City Commission.

City building permits, Safety Inspection Certificates, floodplain permits, design review, and zoning enforcement are the responsibility of the Planning and Community Development Department. However, prior to issuance of a building permit or a new business license or safety certificate, a zoning permit is required from Current Planning.

Forms that are used to perform the above actions include:

The following links offer a synopsis of the various development review procedures:

Questions on subdivision, zoning and land use in Cascade County outside of the City of Great Falls, as well as floodplain permits, zoning enforcement and placement of structures outside the City limits, should be directed to the Cascade County Planning Office. The office can be contacted at 406-454-6905.