Comprehensive Planning

City of Great Falls Montana Growth Policy 2013

The Comprehensive Planning section oversees the development and implementation of the City of Great Falls Growth Policy, and other neighborhood and small area planning initiatives and projects. Through community input, analysis of demographic, economic, and social data, and the use of mapping technology, the Comprehensive Planning section creates the vision and develops the plans and policies to guide future growth and development in Great Falls.

Growth Policy

Development and implementation of the Great Falls Growth Policy is the major focus of this Section. A major update to the Growth Policy was completed in August of 2013.  The 2013 Growth Policy is available for viewing or download at the link below.

Missouri River Urban Corridor Plan

In the spring of 2004, a Corridor Plan for lands adjoining the Missouri River in the core of the Great Falls urban area was completed. The Plan reviews the existing conditions along the River and provides a new vision for the corridor. The main intent of the Plan is to encourage sustainable redevelopment that allows for a more vital, accessible riverfront, while at the same time restoring and conserving the natural amenities of riverfront lands.

Medical District Master Plan

The Great Falls Medical District Master Plan, adopted by the City Commission January 2007, creates a vision for the expansion and provision of future medical and health care facilities. The plan reflects collaboration between major medical providers, adjacent property owners, neighborhood councils, and the City of Great Falls, and focuses on reinvestment, redevelopment and growth within the Medical District to increase interest in the area for living, working and business investment.