Building Safety

New Building Construction Great Falls MT


The City of Great Falls provides staff and resources necessary to provide for the health, safety and welfare of our community by ensuring buildings are constructed or repaired in compliance with codes adopted by the City of Great Falls and the State of Montana.

The department has a building official and five inspection personnel. All are nationally certified in their appropriate fields. The staff is committed to the quality development of Great Falls, to protecting the lives of our citizens, and to ensuring the safety and performance of the built environment by enforcing the City’s building codes.

For more information concerning building in Great Falls, see: Construction Guide -- What You Need to Know.

Priority Goals & Objectives:

  • Plan activities to assure quality new development for our community with a concern to directing appropriate growth toward continuing a sustainable community.
  • Continue code enforcement procedures and abatement of substandard housing.
  • Listen to the customers and respond to their suggestions for organizational integration.
  • Strive to improve communication with, and satisfaction of, the customers we serve while building a safe community for all our citizens.

Private Property Complaints:

 The Code Enforcement Technician can issue citations to those who do not maintain their property or who abandon building projects, leaving unsightly structures in the community.

Contact Heather Rohlf, Code Enforcement Technician, at 455-8574 to address complaints relative to rubbish, junk vehicles, property maintenance, graffiti, and other related issues.

Development Flowchart:

See the Development Flowchart below under "Supporting Documents" for information on the steps involved in the Building Permitting Process and the  Development Approval Process.