Parking Tokens

City of Great Falls Montana Parking Tokens

Meter Tokens – Visitors to the downtown area may purchase meter tokens at the North Parking Garage (corner of 1st Avenue North & 4th Street North) office. The cost for the meter tokens is $5.00 per bag (100 tokens). The coins are good in all downtown area parking meters and each token will register six (6) minutes on a meter. Many downtown stores and shops purchase meter tokens and have them available for use by shoppers.

Lot & Garage Tokens – These coins/tokens are also available for purchase at the North Parking Garage office. The cost for the lot and garage tokens is $20.00 per bag (100 coins) and each token is good for one (1) hour of parking in City owned off-street facilities (North Parking Garage and 4 parking lots). Many downtown merchants and store owners have these coins available for shoppers.