Central Garage Division

Central Garage

What We Do

Central Garage is responsible for the maintenance, fuel dispensing and replacement services for all vehicles and equipment serviced by the City. The City fleet consists of approximately 550 vehicles. In addition to sedans and pickups, repair and maintenance is also done on heavy equipment, fire trucks, police cars and lawn equipment for our parks, and golf courses. The Vehicle Maintenance Supervisor keeps a regular maintenance schedule, and the Central Garage is also responsible for coordinating the bidding and purchase of new vehicles and equipment.  To contact the Vehicle Maintenance Supervisor Doug Alm call (406) 771-1401.

Who We Are

Central Garage employs 10 full time employees.   The Vehicle Maintenance Supervisor administers the maintenance schedule, monitors fuel supplies and inventory, helps to oversee equipment purchases, and supervises day to day operations. The Foreman directs the daily schedule and with the help of five other Mechanics they see to all the regular maintenance and repairs. A full time Auto Service worker tends to the tire repairs and the preventative maintenance on the police cars. The shop Storekeeper is responsible for maintaining the parts inventory and filling mechanics parts requests so there is never a wait on repairs. Last but not least a Wash Rack Attendant keeps the Central Garage clean and orderly and of course the fleet looking its best.

 A Small Division with a Big Impact

Though you will probably never see them, Central Garage is very important to every department in the City. When that sanitation truck is out there removing that unsightly mess, the fire truck or police car is responding to that emergency call, or some other piece of equipment is being used to repair the roads or water mains, at one point in time the Central Garage did their part to help provide those services to our community in a safe and efficient matter.



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