Street Sweeping

City of Great Falls Street Sweeper

There are 297 street miles within the City. Residential streets are swept four times a year while collector and arterials are cleaned twenty-four times. The business district streets and avenues are cleaned daily.

Residents are advised to keep the curb area in front of their residence free from obstacles and parked cars during the days of scheduled street sweeping service. Schedules are posted in the Great Falls Tribune and affected areas are signed on the day the street sweeping is done.

For Street Maintenance Questions or to Report a Street Problem:  Call the PAR-TNER line at (406) 727-8637, the Public Works Operations Office at (406) 771-1401, or fill out the Street Maintenance Notification Form online.

To contact the Street Division Supervisor Jim Turnbow call (406) 771-1401.


Street Sweeping Requests

Sweeping requests can be made by calling (406) 771-1401 and will be done as time permits.


Street Sweeping Schedule 2014

The street sweeping schedule for 2014 started March 31st.  This is a two month process.  A press release will go out on Thursday each week to note the areas that will be swept the following week so vehicles can be removed in advance.  Please check this website, the Great Falls Tribune, TV and radio for the the street sweeping schedule.  Days/areas that are cancelled due to weather will be made up at the end of the sweeping schedule.  If questions, please call (406) 771-1401.


Week of April 14, 2014 through April 18, 2014 will be posted on Thursday, April 10, 2014.

Monday, April 14: (Streets) 21st Street South through 30th Street South from Central Avenue to 10th Avenue South.

Tuesday, April 15: (Avenues) 1st Avenue South through 9th Avenue South from 20th Street South to 30th Street South.

Wednesday, April 16: (Streets) 31st Street North through 38th Street North from Central Avenue to 9th Avenue North.

Thursday, April 17: (Avenues) 3rd Avenue North through 9th Avenue North from 30th Street North to 38th Street North, also: North Park Industrial Complex.

Friday, April 18: (Streets) 31st Street South through 38th Street South from Central Avenue to 10th Avenue South.

PLEASE BE ADVISED: Schedule may change or be cancelled due to weather conditions.


Week of April 21, 2014 through April 25, 2014 will be posted on Thursday, April 17, 2014.


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