Street Sanding

City of Great Falls Snow Plow

When snowfall or freezing rain is predicted, the Street Maintenance Divison will sand icy or slick spots to reduce the hazard or danger to vehicular traffic. Particular attention is given to areas near stop signs, traffic signals and hills. The City's salt policy calls for a minimum amount of salt to be used to achieve as safe a street surface as possible. Material is mixed with sand at a 5% salt to sand ratio to keep the sand from freezing and becoming unworkable. Non-corrosion de-icers are used on pedestrian crosswalks in the business district and on high traffic intersections when normal sanding may not effectively improve driving conditions.

For Street Maintenance Questions or to Report a Street Problem:  Call the PAR-TNER line at (406) 727-8637, the Public Works Operations Office at (406) 771-1401, or fill out the Street Maintenance Notification Form online.

To contact the Street Supervisor call (406) 771-1401.