Large Water Taps

To install a water line three inches or larger, the property owner or developer will hire a contractor who will supply the materials.

The contractor also installs and pressure checks the installation of the tapping tee and valve in the presence of an inspector from the City of Great Falls' Engineer's Department.

There is a $100 inspection fee. The charge from the City to the contractor for making the tap is based on the size of the tap and the hourly rate charged for equipment and labor required to make the tap.

Once the tapping tee and valve have passed the pressure check, a city utility crew will tap the city water main. Water lines 3 inches and larger have to be pressure tested and chlorinated by the contractor. These tests are to be witnessed by an inspector from the City Engineer's Department. Purity samples are to be collected and tested by City of Great Falls Water lab personnel.

The applicant for the building sewer permit should notify the City Engineer's Department when the sewer is ready for inspection, tests and connection to the public.