Snow and Ice Control

Snow Removal

The City of Great Falls receives approximately 58 inches of snow annually.

The snow is often accompanied by winds in excess of 40 mph and subzero temperatures. It is not possible to remove all the snow simultaneously from all of the City streets, however, it is our goal to provide access to desired destinations such as employment, shopping and community services in a quick, convenient, safe manner. Thoroughfares in Great Falls will be cleared by the following schedule:

  1. Priority One (Red): Emergency Snow Routes. These streets provide a network system throughout the city for emergency services operations. They are marked by road signs throughout the city.
  2. Priority Two (Black):  Major Arterials. Streets interconnecting with high volume streets and completing the major street network with particular attention to schools, hospitals and business areas.
  3. Priority Three (Green): Selected Collector Streets. These streets include mass transit routes and other collector streets necessary to provide access to major arterials.
  4. Most residential streets and others not mentioned in Priority one, two or three. These streets are not normally cleared unless impassable. After clearing of the other priorities, special requests as manpower, equipment, are available.

For more information see the Snow & Ice Control Plan link below.

For Street Maintenance Questions or to Report a Street Problem:  Call the PAR-TNER line at (406) 727-8637, the Public Works Operations Office at (406) 771-1401, or fill out the Street Maintenance Notification Form online.

Please note - The following roadways are maintained by the State of Montana Highway Department:

  • All Bridges
  • 1st & 2nd Avenue North
  • 14th & 15th Streets
  • 10th Avenue South
  • 6th Street South West
  • North West Bypass
  • Central Avenue West
  • River Drive
  • 3rd Street North West
  • Park Drive
  • Vaughn Road
  • 57th Street
  • Bootlegger Trail
  • Old Havre Highway
  • Market Place Exit "0"
  • 25th Avenue North East from Old Havre Highway to the East

The State of Montana Highway Department can be reached locally at (406) 454-5880.


Snow Shoveling

City Code 12.32.040 - Snow and Ice Removal - hours designated for completion.

Snow, ice, and similar material that has accumulated during the preceding hours shall be removed from sidewalks in commercial areas before 11:00 a.m. each day and shall be removed from residential areas within twenty-four (24) hours after the snowfall.  Once cleared, all sidewalks shall be kept clear of snow, ice, and similar material.  To report an area of concern call the Police Department Shift Commander at 406-727-7688.

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