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We want to make sure that driving on the City's streets is safe. Thousands of automobiles use our streets daily and over time, repairs are needed. We routinely evaluate the condition of each street in the City and determine what, if any, maintenance must be performed. On days when work is scheduled for your street, please follow all directions and traffic control devices within the maintenance area. Remove your vehicle from "No Parking" areas and refrain from driving on the street until after the posted time.

For Street Maintenance Questions or to Report a Street Problem:  Call the PAR-TNER line at (406) 727-8637, the Public Works Operations Office at (406) 771-1401, or fill out the Street Maintenance Notification Form online.

To contact the Street Supervisor call (406) 771-1401.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about Asphalt Overlays:

Q: Why do you do an asphalt overlay?
A: Maintaining the streets in proper condition is more efficient and cost-effective than waiting until they need reconstruction.

Q: When can I drive on the new surface?
A: The asphalt, which is applied at about 320 degrees Fahrenheit hardens as it cools. After it is rolled smooth and all traffic control devices are removed, you may drive on the new surface.

Q: What precautions should I take when driving on a newly resurfaced road?
A: Driving carelessly over recently applied asphalt can permanently lessen the quality of the road for you and all other motorists using the road. Hasty stops, impetuous turns, spinning of tires can create holes or ruts in the new surface.

Q: How soon after paving will the striping be done?
A: Weather permitting, the striping will be replaced in a day or two. In the meantime, please exercise caution while driving.


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