Water main installation.


The Engineering Office is responsible for the design, administration, and inspection of infrastructure projects within the City of Great Falls.


We are located at 1025 25th Avenue NE.  We are open Monday thru Friday, 8AM to 5PM, and you can contact us at 771.1258.



Dave Dobbs

City Engineer


Kari  Wambach

Engineering Administrative Secretary





Rick  Johnson

Civil Engineer

Water Systems/Utilities

Jim Young

Civil Engineer, Senior

SD Systems/Development

Courtney Lyerly

Civil Engineer, Senior

Special Projects

Jesse Patton

Civil Engineer, Senior

Special Projects

Mark Doney

Civil Engineer

Street Projects

Travis Drevecky

Civil Engineering Spec.

Records/CADD Management






Dave Dunlop

Civil Engineering Tech.

Utilities/Major Projects

Tim Bunker

Civil Engineering Tech.

Sewer System

Josh Dowell

Civil Engineering Tech.


Matt Proud

Civil Engineering Tech.


John Taylor

Civil Engineering Tech.

Sidewalk, Curb, and Streets

Cal Keith

Civil Engineering Tech.

Leadman/Sidewalk and Concrete



The Engineering Division is responsible for the following:

  • Review, inspection and administer engineering and construction within the public right-of-way and facilities under jurisdiction of the City of Great Falls
  • Engineering Design; Preparation of Plans and Specifications; Bidding
  • Preserve and make available maps and records
  • Inspection of infrastructure and public utility projects
  • Boulevard Encroachment Permits
  • Review, approval, and inspection of infrastructure for new subdivisions and developments
  • Liaison to MT Department of Transportation for state projects within the city limits
  • Special Improvement Districts (information, creation, construction, assessments)



If you need information concerning the following, please contact us at (406)771-1258.

  • Wastewater and Water Improvements
  • New construction within public right-of-way
  • Bid openings (construction)
  • Compaction tests taken on construction projects and materials
  • Sewer and water main locations
  • Inspection of sidewalks and driveways (includes curb cuts, sawcuts, handicap ramps and curb and gutter)
  • Inspection of sanitary sewer services
  • Right-of-way encroachments
  • Monument locations
  • Benchmark elevations
  • Storm Drains
  • As-built Plans for Public Infrastructure
  • Subdivision Plats
  • Miscellaneous Plans
  • Standard Drawings
  • Aerials & Contours
  • Property boundaries
  • Special Improvement Districts


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Installation of new curb and gutter.Preping for a storm drain manhole installation.Water main installation.Water main installation.Residential sewer service installation.Installing underground screening for irrigation.Storm Drain upsizing on 14th and 15th streets.Installation of new storm water main.Installation of new storm water main.Installation of new water main.Water main replacement.Sawcutting before mudjacking public sidewalk.Installation of new ADA compliant handicap ramps.City of Great Falls MontanaCity of Great Falls MontanaCity of Great Falls MontanaCity of Great Falls MontanaCity of Great Falls MontanaCity of Great Falls MontanaCity of Great Falls MontanaCity of Great Falls Montana