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Commercial Compactor

General Information

Types of Commercial Collection:

Two types of collection vehicles are used to pick up commercial refuse; one system is a rearload packer that will dump a container from one and one half yard capacity up to an eight yard capacity; the other system is an automatic sideload packer. This packer will dump one and one half yard to three yard containers.

Items that should not be placed in the container:

Commercial users should not put hazardous material, concrete, dirt, construction materials, etc. into containers.

Extra Pickups:

Commercial customers needing an extra pick up will be charged for the number of pickups received according to the size of the commerical container.

Drop Boxes:

Drop box service includes the placement of 20, 30 or 40 yard drop boxes at business sites. Customers are charged each time the drop box is emptied according to the size of the drop box.  There is also a daily rental fee for a drop box.  Drop box rates include waste disposal costs.

**Collection Rates - Effective October 27, 2015

96 gallon rollout $21.25
300 gallon (shared) $29.17
300 Gallon (sole use) or 1.5 yard $34.19
2 yard Dumpster $40.89
3 yard Dumpster


4 yard dumpster $78.08
6 yard loose $116.22
8 yard loose $154.35
Extra Pickup-- 300 Gallon Plus Extras $4.00/minute $9.35
Special pickup for large appliances $9.00

Charges for other commercial pickup frequencies per week shall be the rate times the number of pickups per week. Large accumulation of material placed for collection may be charged to the customer at $4.00 per minute if it takes longer than 2 minutes to load the material.

3 yard loose

$46.00 ($1.00 per day rental fee)

20 Yard (loose) $272.00 (up to 7 tons)
30 Yard (loose) $306.00 (up to 8 tons)
40 Yard (loose) $335.00 (up to 9 tons)
Per Day Rental

$2.00 (per day rental for permanent w/fixed pickup schedule)
$4.00 (per day short term rental)
$2.00 (per day after 5 day rental)

30-40 Yard (compacted) $203.00 (haul fee only - disposal not included)


Rates do include the delivery and disposal fee up to the allowed tonnage, anything over will be charged at $24.86 per ton, as set forth in the Solid Waste Disposal Agreement between the City of Great Falls and Montana Waste Systems.  Disposal costs will be assessed by actual weight and volumes in accordance with the agreement.

* Heavy or Bulky Loads (asphalt shingles)

 Commercial Sanitation Questions:

If you have any questions concerning commercial services, please call the Sanitation Division Supervisor Ross Bartell at (406) 771-1401, Ext. 219.

**Sanitation Rates are subject to change by the City Commission.


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